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China Intellectual Property Agency (H.K.) offers a comprehensive range of Intellectual Property services in China, Hong Kong,Taiwan and Macao to individuals and to corporate clients, including start-ups and small businesses, privately-held entities and government agencies of all sizes, whether in China or abroad. We are committed to helping establish, maintain and protect our clients' Intellectual Property rights by providing the expertise to reach practical and cost-effective solutions. Our attorneys or agents have specialties in one or more of the following disciplines:
Biotechnology, including molecular biology and biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical and Electrochemical engineering, Computers and computer software, Electronics, Electrical engineering, and Fluid dynamics, Semiconductors, Electromechanical engineering, Engineering mechanics, Mechanical engineering, Medical and biomedical engineering, Metallurgical engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Physics, etc. 
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The PCT was concluded in 1970, amended in 1979, and modified in 1984 and 2001.A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. any resident or national of a Contracting State of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) may file an International Application under the PCT. 
A single International Patent application has the same effect as national applications filed in each designated Contracting State of the PCT. However, under the PCT system, in order to obtain patent protection in the designated States, a patent shall be granted by each designated State to the claimed invention contained in the International Application. 
Procedural and substantive requirements for the grant of patents as well as the amount of fees required are different from one country/region to the other. It is therefore recommend that an applicant should consult a practicing attorney or agent who is specialized in Intellectual Property or the Intellectual Property offices of those countries in which you are interested to get protection.

The procedure under the PCT has great advantages for the applicant, the patent offices and the general public:

(i) the applicant has up to 18 months more than he has in a procedure outside the PCT to reflect on the desirability of seeking protection in foreign countries, to appoint local patent agents in each foreign country, to prepare the necessary translations and to pay the national fees; he is assured that, if his international application is in the form prescribed by the PCT, it cannot be rejected on formal grounds by any designated Office during the national phase of the processing of the application; on the basis of the international search report or the written opinion, he can evaluate with reasonable probability the chances of his invention being patented; and the applicant has the possibility during the international preliminary examination to amend the international application to put it in order before processing by the designated Offices;

(ii) the search and examination work of patent offices can be considerably reduced or virtually eliminated thanks to the international search report, the written opinion and, where applicable, the international preliminary examination report that accompany the international application;

(iii) since each international application is published together with an international search report, third parties are in a better position to formulate a well-founded opinion about the patentability of the claimed invention.

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Our objective is to provide you with better services and we hope that this solution will contribute to your rights of protection. 

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The European Patent Organisation(EPO)established by the Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC) signed in Munich 1973, the EPO is the outcome of the European countries' collective political determination to establish a uniform patent system in Europe. 

      As a centralised patent grant system administered by the European Patent Office on behalf of all contracting states, it is a model of successful co-operation in Europe. 

      The following states are currently members of the European Patent Organisation. 
Austria,Iceland,Belgium,Italy,Bulgaria,Liechtenstein,Switzerland,Lithuania,Cyprus,Luxembourg,Czech Republic,Latvia,Germany,Monaco,Denmark,Netherlands,Estonia,Poland,Spain,Portugal,Finland, Romania,France,Sweden,United Kingdom,Slovenia,Hellenic Republic,Slovakia,Hungary,Turkey.

      A European patent can be obtained by filing a single application in one of the official languages of the European Patent Office (English, French or German) in a unitary procedure before the EPO and is valid in as many of the contracting states as the applicant cares to designate.
     A European patent affords the same rights in the designated contracting states as a national patent granted in any of theses states. 

 The advantages of a European patent 

1、Economy and efficiency 
A cost-effective and time-saving way of applying for patent protection in several different countries 

2、Unitary effects in the contracting states 
 Term, scope of protection, binding text, grounds for revocation 

3、A 'strong' patent 
Every European patent has undergone substantive examination and can be obtained for countries which otherwise operate only a registration system  

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