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China Intellectual Property Agency (H.K.) is a Chinese professional agent dedicated to promoting the use and protection of works of the human spirit. These works of  intellectual property are expanding the bounds of science and technology and enriching the world of the arts. Through its work, CIPA (H.K.) plays an important role in enhancing the quality and enjoyment of life, as well as creating real wealth for its clients.

In order to facilitate our clients or guests to advertise or exhibit their technologies of patents and trademarks of registration and issue information of marketing on their goods or services related to Intellectual Property, we've developed and provided  this FREE information platform for issuance. If any inventors or entities who own right of patent or trademark and intend to issue their goods or services, please contact our Intellectual Property Information Centre via info@cipahk.com

Notice: The information contained is provided for the online readers' convenience only and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Online readers are recommended to contact our IP Information Centre via info@cipahk.com and  verify the accuracy of the text before attempting to rely thereon.

Reviewing relevant literature can save a lot of time, money and effort. A patent, for instance, will not be granted unless your idea is novel. A search of the patent database will give you a very good indication of whether or not your idea is new. If your invention is described in a patent which is no longer in force, you cannot get a patent yourself and it's likely other firms will already know about the technology. Also, if the owners have allowed the patent to lapse, there may be doubts about the invention's commercial viability.

At the very least, a thorough search can help you evaluate your own ideas and provide you with a more advanced starting point for research. The more you exploit and position your IP in the market place, the more value that property will have when it comes to licensing it or selling your business. You may also need to invest time and money to ensure that others are not using your IP. This means searching databases and other sources for possible infringements, and being prepared to take formal action if necessary to protect your Intellectual Property in the marketplace.

With diligent and dynamic marketing strategies in place, you will also be in a perfect position to take advantage of any opportunities in the market as they arise.

Research your idea thoroughly. An infringement may be accidental, and may even be minor, but it could still cost you a small fortune! It's a good idea to search the trade mark database if you are looking to register a business name, company name, domain name or developing a logo or image.

We offer a search service to check whether your proposed name or image is similar to a registered trade mark. This can save you time and reduce the likelihood of infringing someone else's trade mark. So now you have every opportunity to protect yourself! 

A search can also ensure that none of your competitors are infringing on your Intellectual Property rights. You can also take the opportunity to object to any pending grants of IP to one of your competitors if you believe that it is infringing on your Intellectual Property rights.




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